What we do

Latin American Christianity is vibrant. However, as theologian and RTS professor Doug Kelly once said in reference to the work he does in Eastern European countries, it is also capable of “going off the rails” theologically. Also, in the past, most conversions to evangelical Christianity took place in working-class, Pentecostal circles. However, many of the children of those converts are now in universities and are either eaten alive defenseless in their humanistically oriented classes or find Christianity intellectually uninteresting and irrelevant to their lives and the exercise of their professions. Materials produced within the Reformed tradition can satisfy these needs quite well.


Our focus is:

·       To train Spanish-speaking servant leaders and pastor teachers in Reformed theology so that they can then teach others and apply what they learn in their respective spheres of influence/ministry.

·       To make quality theological education materials available in Spanish in digital and print formats for subsequent distribution throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

·       To recruit, support and mentor yearly cohorts of 10 Spanish-speaking pastor teachers in Latin America who will begin and finish within six (6) years academic Master of Arts seminary degree programs through Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) Global, some of whom will go on to pursue Ph.D. level studies to form the future teaching faculty of theological seminaries with a Reformed outlook in Latin America.