Meet out team – Cesar Guzman

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Meet out team – Cesar Guzman

Another week is here and that means your can get to know a bit more about another member of the team. This week we talked to Cesar Guzman, one of our translators, and here it is what he said:

– What is your role in Proyecto Nehemías?​
​I am one of the translators in the team. We translate books, courses, talks, sermons, etc. The goal is to make reformed resources available for the church in Latin America​

– What are the titles you have translated?
​​So far, I´ve translated​:

– The forgotten Cross by Lee Gatiss
– Affirming the Creed by J I Packer
– What is Reformed Theology by R C Sproul
– Preaching the Psalms by Steve Lawson
– Donkey Business: Commerce with a Purpose by Peter Briscoe

• Devotionals ​on Matthew, by R C Sproul
​• Your Money Map, Course on stewardship
​• Faith and Finances, Course on stewardship​
​• Various sermons, talks and lectures​

– Which is the title you have translated you found more essential to have in Spanish in order to build up bold Christians in the Spanish speaking world?

​Since Proyecto Nehemias has a very clear focus, all the books that are chosen meet the following criteria: sound reformed teaching, ​​and relevance for the church in Latin America. That makes it very difficul to say which book I have found the most essential. However, I can say that Steve Lawson´s book, Preaching the Psalms stands out because there is a lot of talk about expository preaching but very few people who actually know what it is and even fewer who can actually do it. This book can have a profound impact with far reaching consequences​.

– Which is the one that has touched you deeper while translating? How?

​I have to mention Preaching the Psalms again. As a preacher myself I was confronted once again, and in a fresh and helpful way, with the sacredness of the task and the call on the life of the preacher as an embodiment of the text he preaches. But I was also reminded of the sobering duty we have to handle the text rightly. I was touched, moved, rebuked and edified.​

– What do you like the most about the project?

​I beleive parachurch ministries are important as long as they strengthen the local church and do not weaken it by distracting people and resources from it. Proyecto Nehemias is there to quietly serve the church by providing valuable tools and resources that can be used to edify the body of Christ in general, and to equip and encourage leaders, in particular. So it does not draw attention to itself. It is not about the project, it is not about us. It exalts our Lord and it blesses His people.

– Do you think this ministry is important? Why?

​Christianity in Latin America is a mile long and an inch deep. So many, many who claim to have a saving faith have a very shallow understanding of that faiith. It is still a fact, as it was 20 years ago, that around 70% of those using the pulpit do not have formal theological training. Whatever people knew about christianity before receiving the gospel was pre-reformation catholicism. All this makes it both urgent and crucial to give people acces to good literature of the Reformed persuasion. It is also a fact that publishers choose books because they will sell. Proyecto Nehemias seeks to influence so that in the future what sells is good solid biblical reformed theology. ​