Meet our team – Elvis Castro

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Meet our team – Elvis Castro

We would like you to know a bit more about what we do and who we are. This is why as of today we will start a series of interviews with the team so you can know what they’ve accomplished and what they think about their work.

Today’s interview will be about Elvis Castro, the first translator that joined our team.

– What is your role in Proyecto Nehemías?
I used to translate texts and also review and proofread texts translated by other people. Currently, I am engaged exclusively in translation, mostly books and sometimes short documents or social media posts.

– What are the titles you have translated?
So far I have translated a number of titles, including the Crucial Questions Series, which consists of more than twenty booklets by R. C. Sproul, as well as other titles by Dr. Sproul: Surprised by Suffering, Abortion, Five Things Every Christian Needs to Know. Titles by other authors that I have translated include: In Christ Alone, The Masculine Mandate, The Daring Mission of William Tyndale, The God Who Is There, and Encountering Theology of Mission.

– What title that you have translated did you find most essential to have in Spanish in order to build up Christians in the Spanish-speaking world? – Which one has touched you deepest while translating it?
The book I translated that I think will be a huge contribution to Spanish-speaking Christians is Encountering Theology of Mission. It’s a work that surveys different historical views about mission and establishes foundations for an evangelical theology of mission. The robust underlying theology will be of interest not only for missionaries, but for the whole church. Personally, it has helped me get a better understanding of the church and of the kingdom of God.

– What do you like the most about the project? – Do you think it’s important, Why?
I really appreciate Proyecto Nehemías because the purpose is to serve the church and provide literature that is profound and biblical, not just what is trendy. I know that the aim is not only to produce a high number of titles and works in print, but to do excellent work and give God glory. On the other hand, I feel that in this project I can use my vocational skills for a good end, and the relationships with coworkers are always respectful and friendly. I wholeheartedly hope and pray that this project keeps growing and blessing the Spanish-speaking church.